Political Correctness Gone Too Far ➠ Libs To Remove Remains Of Civil War General


Northern commanders could not outwit Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest during the Civil War, but the leaders of Memphis might. WREG reported that the Memphis City Council has passed a resolution to remove from a city park the remains of Forrest and his wife and take down the statue of Forrest as well.

Forrest, a cavalry commander who was one of the Confederacy’s most successful generals during the Civil War, was also a slave trader before the war and the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan–although he soon distanced himself from the Klan’s violent activities.

The Council’s act was the first shot in what promises to be a tough war. The Memphis resolution will need to be passed by the Chancery Court in order for the remains of the Confederate icon to be moved. Removing the statue requires the approval of the Tennessee Historical Commission.

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The fight over Forrest is not new. In 2013, Memphis re-named the park where Forrest is buried from “Forrest Park” to “Health Sciences Park” to be more inclusive.

The proposal to move the graves and remove the statue – which is already being sought by other communities — comes on the heels of the controversy over lowering South Carolina’s Confederate flag and the rush by retailers to pull Confederate flags from their inventory. Lee Miller of the Sons of Confederate Veterans signaled opposition to the move.

“This appears to me to be another knee jerk reaction to that anti-Confederate hysteria. Some people here are trying to get on the bandwagon in erasing Confederate history and its just wrong,” Miller told WATN.


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