Poll ➠ Just 16% Of Americans Want Islamic Holidays Added To School Calendar

518683970_c_570_411Poll: Just 16% Of Americans Want Islamic Holidays Added To School Calendar…


Hmmm, I wonder which part of the political spectrum the majority of that that 16% falls under.

Via Rasmussen:

While most parents of elementary and secondary school children agree with celebrating some religious holidays in the schools, they don’t include the two Muslim holidays that Mayor Bill de Blasio recently added to the New York City public school calendar. Christmas and Easter far and away top the list of religious holidays parents think schools should recognize.


[W]hen asked which holidays should be observed in schools, the Christian holidays draw the most support: 96% say Christmas should be observed, and 75% say the same of Easter. …


The two Muslim holidays recently added to the New York public school calendar draw the most opposition. Forty-six percent (46%) of all Americans don’t think those holidays should be observed by schools. Just 16% say they should be recognized, but 33% have never heard of the Muslim holy days.

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