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Poll ➠ Majority Now See Hillary’s Use Of Private Emails As A Problem!

Poll: Majority Now See Hillary’s Use Of Private Emails As A Problem…


And the news keeps getting worse and worse for her…

Via CNN:

Washington (CNN)- Unfavorable views of Hillary Clinton are on the rise and perceptions of her as “honest and trustworthy” have dropped following the revelation that while serving as secretary of state she used a personal email address and home-based server to conduct State Department business.


But questions about Clinton’s email practices may not harm her chances if she makes a run for the White House in 2016, as a new CNN/ORC poll finds 57% of Americans say she’s someone they’d be proud to have as their president.


SEE: The complete CNN/ORC poll results


Overall, 51% in the poll call Clinton’s use of a personal email system rather than a government provided one a very or somewhat serious problem, 48% say it’s not too serious an issue or no problem at all. And the public is similarly split over whether Clinton did something wrong by using the personal system; 51% say she did, 47% that she did not.


The survey was conducted after Clinton’s press conference last week addressing the controversy over her emails. Clinton said she relied on the private system for “convenience,” that it would be easier to carry one device for both work and personal emails rather than separating the two.


At the time Clinton served, the State Department did not allow staffers to automatically access personal email accounts on the same mobile device as official department emails. More

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