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Poll ➠ Majority Of Americans Think Obama Has Not Been “Faithful” To The U.S. Constitution


Poll: Majority Of Americans Think Obama Has Not Been “Faithful” To The U.S. Constitution…

Even better (or worse if you’re a Democrat) is nearly 9-in-10 want the Constitution to continue as the fundamental law of the United States.

Via Rasmussen:

Voters may question just how faithful President Obama has been to the U.S. Constitution, but they continue to stand firm in their own belief about the document that has been the supreme law of the United States for 227 years.


A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 89% of U.S. Likely Voters want to continue using the Constitution as the fundamental law of the United States. Five percent (5%) are against continued use of the Constitution, while six percent (6%) aren’t sure.


That compares to 85% of American Adults who said in 2013 that the Constitution should remain the fundamental law of the nation. Two percent (2%) were opposed and 13% said they were not sure. […]


Fifty-one (51%) of voters think that Obama has been less faithful to the U.S. Constitution than his predecessors in the Oval Office. Nineteen percent (19%) say Obama has been more faithful to the Constitution than previous presidents when taking executive actions, while 26% say he has been about as faithful.

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