Poor Polling Used (Again) To Manipulate Americans Ahead Of Elections

They oversample Democrats and women, then claim that it’s a valid poll. Fake news, fake polls. Good grief the MSM wonders why we can’t stand them?

Another example of the MSM trying to influence the public’s opinion of President Trump.

Dear MSM, It’s not working. Didn’t work in 2016. Won’t work in 2018. Now go pound sand.



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Do you remember the Huffington Post screaming, “Our @pollsterpolls model gives @HillaryClinton a 98.1% chance of winning the presidency,” one day before the 2016 presidential election?

Of course, you do. Our memories are longer than the media may like to believe.

How quickly all the “models” unraveled, the pollsters left scratching their heads again, the exact same thing that happened with Brexit just a few months earlier was happening all over.

Inside the industry, data scientists have been discussing their methodologies and figuring out how and why they’ve been talking to the wrong people for so long. Unfortunately for those concerned with accuracy, their management teams and sales departments have other ideas.

Cue today’s “disapproval rating” stories about President Trump, conveniently dropping before Labor Day in order to dominate this weekend’s news cycle.

Nobody really speaks of “disapproval ratings”, by the way. It’s usually been “approval ratings”, even if in the negative. Many Western leaders have disapproval ratings well below those of President Trump, by the way. Another thing that is rarely ever mentioned.

The Washington Post on Friday led with: “Trump’s disapproval rating hits a high point in new poll”.

Scott Clement, who runs the Washington Post’s “independent” in-house pollster (how does that work, when WaPo is clear about its agenda?) reports that “a majority of the public has turned against Trump and is on guard against his efforts to influence the Justice Department and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s wide-ranging probe.”

Here’s why they’re wrong … again:


The poll isn’t independent. Let’s be clear about that. While Clement and WaPo might have the visage of neutrality to some, the firms they use to do the behind-the-scenes magic simply aren’t. As I’ve mentioned before, WaPo uses a company called Abt Associates.

Abt counts its board members as staffers that have worked for Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood, the World Bank, and Deloitte. I described it previously as a “microcosm of Davos”.

Anne Marie Slaughter — one of their two board members with a focus on the political side of things — was President Obama’s Director of Policy Planning in the U.S. State Department. More

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