Portland Store Takes a Page out of Kathy Griffin’s Book…

Hmmm… Isn’t it interesting that all these libtards promote the murder of President Trump all seem to go for the terrorist trait of beheadings? Despicable!

The left has always been consumed by hate. It’s the core of who they are, what they’re made of.

Now just imagine what would happen if that was The Obama’s head…



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In the vein of comedian Kathy Griffin, One Grand Gallery in Portland, Oregon, graced its window with an image of President Donald Trump’s beheading.

user posted the picture to Twitter, adding, “Yo @SecretService @FBI @CIA, this image of the president being brutally assassinated is on public display for children to see (a felony) at @OneGrandGallery.”

The image is apparently part of One Grand Gallery’s newest exhibit, “F*ck You Mr. President,” which opened July 13.

It did not take long for Trump’s supporters to respond to the painting. Over 1,300 people left negative reviews on the gallery’s Facebook page, plummeting it to an average rating of 1.3 stars. More


The controversial art currently on display in their window has prompted many outraged supporters of the President to call for people to report the gallery to the Secret Service. People have also flooded their Facebook page to leave poor reviews and scold them for their petulance. The gallery currently has a 1.4 star rating on the site.

“I saw a painting in your store front window of our president getting his throat slashed. Is Kathy Griffin peddling her “art” here now?? Talk about a great way to ruin my lunch,” a woman named Laura C. commented on the gallery’s Yelp page. “Good luck with selling your hate speech art. I’m pretty sure the kind of people who appreciate it, can’t afford it. Gross!”

Other art on display inside the gallery includes a painting of the president with a Hitler mustache and missiles with penises on them. More


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