Prayer Vigil For Fallen Officer Interrupted By Killer’s Family ➠ Video

Prayer vigil for fallen officer interrupted by killer’s family

The family of a cop killer caused a disruption at a prayer vigil for the fallen officer Friday.

Trepierre Hummons made two 911 calls Friday, reporting himself as being belligerent and carrying a gun, in an effort to draw police to him in order to commit “suicide by cop,” according to Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell, WCPO reported.

Cincinnati police said Hummons was reported for a sexual assault shortly after midnight early Friday, Later that day, he posted a “goodbye message” on Facebook and texted some friends and family thanking them for being in his life.

Trepierre Hummons Facebook

Officer Sonny Kim was the first officer to arrive on the scene and Hummons quickly started a fight with him trying to wrestle away his gun.

The fight escalated into gunfire, killing both Kim and Hummons.

Trepierre Hummons Texts

Friday afternoon, the Madisonville Arts & Cultural Center hosted a prayer vigil for Officer Kim. But mourners were interrupted by members of the Hummons family asking if the vigil was just for the officer or for Hummons too, according to witness reports on Twitter– including that of WCPO reporter Evan Millward who tweeted video of the confrontation.

The Hummons family was removed from the scene but, according to witnesses, returned later and shook hands with officers at the vigil.


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