Predictable ➠ Liberal News Media Blames Israel For ISIS Beheadings!



Typical: Liberal News Media Blames Israel For ISIS Beheadings

Israel, a tiny country smaller than the U.S. state of New Jersey, is unable absorb the tens of thousands of immigrants and refugees attempting to enter the country.  Instead, Israel provides each refugee with thousands of dollars in grants if they will voluntarily relocate to another country, which is what they did with three of the 28 Ethiopian Christians recently slaughtered.

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The same three victims were also denied refugee status in at least three other countries before they were captured and executed in Ethiopia by ISIS militants.  But who does The Daily Beast blame for these three being executed? Why, Israel, of course.

In a scene that’s become all too familiar, the self-proclaimed Islamic State has executed a group of individuals it deems infidels.


A recently released video shows the latest victims of the extremist group, initially thought to be solely Ethiopian Christians, being beheaded in what appears to be Libya.


But there’s a catch: At least three of the victims were Eritrean refugees who had been deported from Israel. […]


What is known is that before ISIS’s blade met the necks of these three Eritreans who had been fleeing conflict for a large portion of their lives, they were in a wealthy nation that sees itself as an oasis of human rights in a storm of atrocities.

The next question The Daily Beast should tackle is why so many would want to flee Islamic utopias for an intolerant, hateful country like Israel. More

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