Prepare For A Nuclear Iran!

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Prepare For A Nuclear Iran

This will of course result in necessary equal reactions from Israel and from Saudi Arabia who cannot afford to risk their survival at threat from their mortal enemy.

Via NY Post:

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Here’s one fast way to judge the new sketch of an Iran nuclear deal:


President Obama on Thursday allowed as how the Iranians are two to three months from building nukes — then proclaimed that the deadline for a deal he hopes will stop them is in . . . three months.


He’s fallen for the same line North Korea handed his two predecessors — and which led to a nuclear arsenal for Pyongyang.


North Korea from the start cheated on the Clinton administration’s “historic” 1994 accord that ended economic sanctions in return for the North’s promises to end its nuclear program.


Now Secretary of State John Kerry has a “framework” that Obama says will “cut off every pathway Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon.” Fool me once . . .


Like North Korea, Iran is a rogue regime, a state sponsor of terror. And Iran’s worse: It’s working to become top dog in its region, with pawns already in control of several nations. Nothing in Kerry’s framework will change that.  More

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