Princeton Professor RAGES After Cops Arrest Her

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Police pulled a Princeton University professor over for speeding on Saturday afternoon and then arrested her because of an outstanding parking ticket from three years ago.

The professor is Imani Perry of Princeton’s African American studies department, reports The Daily Princetonian.

Perry’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day began around 9:30 a.m. as she was on her way to an academic symposium. A pair of Princeton, N.J. police officers pulled her over for speeding, Perry said.

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Upon routinely running Perry’s license, the unidentified officers discovered an outstanding warrant for Perry’s arrest. The warrant was issued, police say, because Perry’s driver’s license was suspended in 2013 — and a $130 fine was imposed — over a parking violation.

The fancypants professor was consequently arrested — handcuffs, back of the squad car, the whole nine yards.

“Perry had an active warrant that had been issued for her arrest by the Princeton Municipal Court,” Princeton Police spokesman Jonathan Bucchere told NBC News. “Perry was taken into custody pursuant to the warrant and was released after posting the required bail.”

Perry, a celebrity professor frequently cited by MSNBC, was not happy about her arrest and the way she was treated. She complained about it in a series of tweets after her release. More

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