Pro-American Forces Just Discovered 3 Horrific Weapons In ISIS’ Arsenal ➠ Video

Image Credit: Gavin John

Watch: Pro-American Forces Just Discovered 3 Horrific Weapons in ISIS’ Arsenal

Pro-American Kurdish Peshmerga forces are saying they have hard proof that ISIS has been using chlorinated gas against them. The Kurds also recently captured other deadly weapons ISIS has in its arsenal.

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The Kurds say they took clothing and soil samples from a suicide car bombing attack back in January, and sent them to a lab in Europe for testing. The results came back positive for chlorine gas.

The Kurds reported no casualties from the attack other than the suicide bomber; but their troops in the area experienced symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. In another attack in December, troops had more violent reactions, including one coughing up blood and several others needing hospitalization. Fortunately, medical personnel were close at hand to treat the soldiers shortly after exposure. More

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