Pro-Life Group Tells Dana Loesch “The Videos Get Worse” ➠ TX Group Makes $120,000 A Month Selling Body Parts ➠ Video

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Last night the Center for Medical Progress‘s David Daleiden went on The Dana Show on BlazeTV to discuss the groups upcoming investigative reports.

David told Dana,

“I’m sad to say, the videos get worse.”

Watch the entire segment to hear what is coming next from the Center for Medical Progress:


David Daleiden told Dana Planned Parenthood in Houston makes $120,00 a month selling baby body parts.


How barbaric!

From The Dana Show:

Daleiden explains more about the Houston clinic, which, as discovered today in a Texas senate committee hearing, makes $120k a month from the harvesting of aborted infant body parts.


“A six story tall abortion clinic … they have been selling aborted fetal tissue for over ten years at this point.”


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