Pro-Life ‘Princess’ Billboards In Atlanta Dismissed As ‘Racist’ ➠ Video

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Pro-Life ‘Princess’ Billboards In Atlanta Dismissed as Racist

The group Prolife Across America has posted “controversial” billboards in black areas of Atlanta featuring a smiling black baby and the words “Dad’s princess” emblazoned in yellow letters. Naturally, the Left hated it.

The liberal Raw Story blog reports that the local NBC station WXIA relayed that they accused the pro-lifers of “intruding on their community and imposing their own beliefs, disregarding the needs of women in distress.” Oh, and they’re somehow racist, since they’re posted in black neighborhoods:

“Just coming in and telling a community what they want or need, which is what the people who put these billboards up are doing, is not the way to go. We should bring the community together and talk about issues,” Nikema Williams of Planned Parenthood told WXIA.


Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort wanted to know why the group spends money on billboards instead of things that could actually help women and babies in need.


“We want them to use the money, maybe to feed children. Use that money to make sure that children get healthcare,” he told protesters.


Atlantans aren’t the only ones up in arms about the posters, which are being called racist. The same signs have been placed in Memphis and African American residents are criticizing them for their messaging, telling Raycom News Network that it pits black men against black women.


“To use black men like me to facilitate the erasure of black women like my wife and others from the conversation about their own bodies is not only propaganda, it’s pathetic and repulsive.” Memphis Pastor Earle Fisher told Raycom. More

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