Professor: White People Having Kids Promotes White Supremacy

This professor is exemplary of what the Democrat party is fast becoming. How can a person who very likely has directly experienced racism now seek to inflict the very same abuse on others? How does she possibly justify in her own mind that it’s somehow okay to vigorously promote racism and do so publicly?

Jessie Daniels’ specialty at the City University of New York’s Hunter College is “Internet manifestations of racism,” so it’s interesting that she would herself make racist comments on the public Internet.

The professor of sociology posted a series of tweets last week that suggest white people must forgo reproducing if they want to combat white supremacy.

Though she marked her Twitter account private after the tweets drew unwelcome attention, several consecutive tweets have been archived, letting readers see the context of her remarks. […]

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Daniels responded she had built “new worlds” of “partner, friends, church” who are engaged in the same work.

“Part of what I’ve learned is that the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy,” she wrote.

White people having children facilitates “transfer of wealth” and the “outright worship of ‘the sanctity of the family’ which pervades pop culture,” Daniels continued.

“I mean, if you’re a white person who says they’re engaged in dismantling white supremacy, but + you’re forming a white family + reproducing white children that ‘you want the best for’ – how is that helping + not part of the problem?” she wrote in consecutive tweets.

To be truly committed to fighting white supremacy, Daniels suggest, whites must not reproduce, must not own homes, and must not be “afraid of hurting their family’s feelings if they confront them about racism,” because white supremacy will reign until whites confront their family’s “participation in systemic white supremacy.” Read more at The College Fix.

The scariest part is that she is what now passes for a teacher in the USA.

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