Protester Thought He Could Disrespect The American Flag… Until This U.S. Veteran Showed Up!


This Protester Thought He Could Disrespect The American Flag…Then A U.S. Veteran Showed Up…

This isn’t the first incident with a veteran that the flag-desecrating group at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio has faced.

The video takes place at Valdosta State University in Georgia, where it joins a confrontation already in progress. The protester, who’s part of a group that’s been abusing the flag at the school, is being yelled at by the veteran.

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“Dude, if you know my heritage, I guara-d**n-tee you, we’ll set you straight,” the veteran is telling the protester, who’s now surrounded by a number of students watching the proceedings.

“I’m right here,” the activist responded, unable to look the veteran in the eyes. “If you’re mad about it, do something.”

The veteran responded that he wouldn’t waste the energy on someone like the protester; he also warned the protester not to disrespect the flag again. The protester responded that he would “burn one tomorrow.” More

Multiple profanities ahead …

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