Protesters Show Up For GOP Debate (Video)

Outside of the venue for last night’s GOP Debate, a small group of demonstrators have gathered. TruthRevolt was there to find out why.



Here is a sign to get you in the mood for how the protests are shaping up. (Language Warning .. Obviously).


The young man told us that Trump would never be president, and that Trump is a racist [curse words]. His main purpose appeared to be appearing in the background of live shots.


One of the first and largest groups on scene was Moms Demand Action. This group had many signs, all concentrated in the area behind a live MSNBC shot. They were answering questions from reporters on one condition. The reporter couldn’t be from a conservative publication. Moms Demand Action doesn’t like to be confronted with facts, or statistics, or even the opportunity, which we offered, to filibuster. When they found out we were from TruthRevolt, the answer was a curt “no thank you.” Above is one of their signs. Here’s another.

Not everyone with a sign was from the left, though.

There were a few other groups and plenty of unaffiliated individuals and lookie-loos, and we have some video that we’ll be posting throughout the night and into tomorrow.

One thing protesters had in common was that very few of them could articulate why they were here. They have plenty to say about gun control, or the right to speak Spanish, or how Bernie Sanders is the solution to everything, but they really didn’t have an answer for what they want to accomplish. In the end, it seems the person who was the most honest was the guy with the “F*** Trump” sign. He was here to get his sign on TV. That’s basically what everyone else is doing, too.

One more thing. There is at least one group that knows exactly why they are here. We’ve got video and more on their “protest” later, but for now, here’s a picture. Consider it a preview.

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