Public Responds To ‘Beyonce’s Sharia Law Plan’ For The Inner Cities…

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Public responds to ‘Beyonce’s Sharia Law Plan’ for the inner cities

Did Beyonce really call for Sharia law to be employed in urban communities for the benefit of the public?

Certainly not. But don’t tell that to some of the people author and social commentator Mark Dice interviewed for his “Man On the Street Mondays” segment posted to YouTube this week.

Dice, whose new book, “The Bilderberg Group: Facts & Fiction” was released last month, asks people if they heard Beyonce’s speech at The Bilderberg Group meeting last week.

Of course, Beyonce, by all accounts, was not even at the meeting and even if she was no one would know what she said because no minutes are kept of the highly secretive gatherings of political, business and academic leaders from Europe and North America. More

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