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Purported American ISIS Member Calls on Muslims To ‘Take Down’ Obama, Slaughter Americans

Purported American ISIS Member Calls on Muslims to ‘Take Down’ Obama, Slaughter Americans-media-1

Purported American ISIS Member Calls on Muslims to ‘Take Down’ Obama, Slaughter Americans

An alleged American ISIS fighter in the Islamic State posted a call to Twitter on Thursday for Muslims to murder Americans (specifically veterans) at patriotic parades and to ‘take down’ President Barack Obama.

The Twitter account called “Umm Jihad @ZumarulJannah” with the sub-name “Umm Jihad Al Amrikiyah” appears to be an American woman who traveled to the Islamic State last December and was married to an Australian ISIS fighter who was apparently killed in battle this week.

Photo of black-gloved hands holding passports of several nations including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom captioned, “Bonfire soon, no need for these anymore. Alhamdulillah”, posted 3:45 a.m. EST December 1, 2014.

Over the next few weeks the tweets by Umm Jihad were sporadic, with exhortations to come to fight and a note about surviving a bombing. She stopped posting January 10 and resumed on March 18.

“Literally was walking home and a bomb struck a few meters behind me. Bombs are loud that’s all I have to say. #AllahMawlana” 7:27 p.m. EST December 23, 2014.

“Don’t be stingy with your opportunities. Others are dying for a chance while the doors are open for you. Come, we want to see you here.” 7:53 p.m. EST December 31, 2014.

Following a short salute to the Paris attacks, she posted a statement urging more such terror attacks:

“If one doesn’t have the means to get here then the state advises you to follow their footsteps, strike fear in them.” 7:25 p.m. EST January 7, 2015.

A few minutes later she complained about the lack of Americans:

“A llahumma barik there are soooo many Aussies and Brits here but where are the Americans, wake up u cowards” 7:34 p.m. EST January 7, 2015.

On January 10 Umm Jihad announced she was shutting down her Twitter account.

The account saw a flurry of activity two months later on March 18, prompted by the apparent martyrdom of her husband.

“May Allah accept my husband, Abu Jihad al Australi. Promised Allah and fought in the front lines until he obtained shahadah.” 7:24 a.m. March 18, 2015.

Umm Jihad posted a photo of her dead husband with a rifle placed on his body. The face, hair and beard appear to be similar to the man seen in her avatar holding a smartphone with a rifle leaned up against a nearby indoor wall.


Abu Jihad al Australi Dead

The photo was captioned, “”And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead.. .”” 11:12 a.m. EST March 18, 2015 More

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