Putin’s New Russia Reeks Of The Old Soviet Union!

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Putin’s New Russia Reeks Of The Old Soviet Union…

Via Frontpage:

In addition to its other internal problems, Russia has a new one: the flight of its intellectuals to foreign countries. This week, 31-year old Zhanna Nemtsova, the eldest daughter of murdered Putin critic Boris Nemtsov and herself a successful journalist, left Russia for safer pastures in Europe. She wrote a “farewell letter” which was published in Vedomosti, a liberal business journal.

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“Russian [state]propaganda kills,” she wrote, and added:


Many of the texts of Kremin-controlled media recall the rhetoric of African propagandists…Putin’s information machine—similar to those in Nazi Germany and Rwanda—is using criminal methods of propaganda and sowing hatred which generates violence and terror…People infected with hatred begin committing new crimes on their own initiative.


Ms. Nemtsova made the point that the danger of the Putin regime is not simply direct acts of violence perpetrated by paid agents of the president, but rather indirect state violence, whipped up by state propaganda, in the fertile soil of the large Russian population influenced by such propaganda. Ms. Nemtsova even coined a new, rather useful term for the phenomenon — “information terror.” More

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