Race Riots Ignite In Baltimore ➠ More Videos

Race Riots Ignite In Baltimore ➠ More Videos

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Race Riots Ignite in Baltimore

The streets of Baltimore descended into chaos into Sunday as protests against the police department over the death of Freddie Gray turned violent. Smashed windows, police cars attacked, physical confrontations, private property destruction, as well as theft and looting, have all been reported, and cannot but remind America of the destruction seen so recently in Ferguson, Missouri.

Truth Revolt reported earlier on footage of a producer for Ruptly being robbed while she was filming the riots. In the video above from AJ+, published Saturday evening, you can see more criminal acts taking place on camera, including a glimpse of what appears to be another woman being robbed right in the street.

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AJ+ has this to say about the video from yesterday’s events.

Most ‪#‎FreddieGray‬ protesters in ‪#‎Baltimore‬ have been peaceful. But some near the stadium fought with baseball fans and smashed store and car windows. Small numbers are currently facing off with police. AJ+’s Dariel Medina captured the turn of events on a mobile phone

After the video was shot, more incidents took place throughout the afternoon and evening. More

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