Rachel Maddow ➠ Baltimore Police ‘A Little Out Of Control’ During Riots ➠ Video

Rachel Maddow: Baltimore Police ‘A Little Out of Control’ During Riots

During MSNBC’s live coverage of the ongoing Baltimore riots on Monday night, Rachel Maddow accused the city’s police of being “a little out of control” for returning items being thrown at them by protestors. 

Maddow spoke to Erica Green of the Baltimore Sun who described how after one officer was struck with an object “the police began to return the bricks. Of course, I did not see exactly what he was hit with, but I mean, bricks and glass littered the streets.”

Maddow then called the report of cops defending themselves from attack “striking” before she suggested their actions were “out of control”:

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The police have talked about the fact that they are willing to be tactically very aggressive as the situation stays out of control. They’re willing to use pepper pellets, they’re willing to use rubber bullets and other projectiles. We’ve seen them using gas today. But if they’re picking up things that are being thrown at them and throwing things back, that implies to me just as a ley observer that the police feel — that the police are a little out of control, or they may not be necessarily using disciplined police tactics.

For her part, Ms. Green pushed back at Maddow’s anti-police language and described the officers as incredibly calm despite having bricks and rock hurled at them:

Rachel Maddow: Baltimore Police ‘A Little Out of Control’ During Riots

What I watched the police have things hurled at them for a very long time, and they didn’t do anything. I mean, I have it on video. They definitely returned, you know, they definitely threw things back. But I just would say that given what I saw, I mean, these kids have no fear. So, you know, I was very surprised that things didn’t escalate more quickly.

Rather than simply editorialize as Maddow eagerly did, the Baltimore Sun reporter refused to label the Baltimore police as being “out of control” and instead educated the liberal MSNBCer about the actual facts on the ground:

But I’m not going to say they’re out of control, that’s for people to decide. But I will say that, you know, things were thrown at them for a very long time before they seemed to have gotten frustrated. And I think it may have been the sight of their fellow officer being pulled out that way that may have incited that. I don’t know but that definitely happened. More

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