#RachelDolezal Claimed Her Father Was Black Man Who Had To “Flee” “Deep South”



#RachelDolezal Claimed Her Father Was Black Man Who Had To “Flee” “Deep South”

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Via Daily Mail:

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A newly uncovered Rachel Dolezal interview shows just how far the NAACP leader went in deceiving people into believing she was a black woman.
The interview, from earlier this year, has Dolezal sharing stories about her black family, including one in which she details her father’s ‘exodus’ from the Deep South after he assaulted a police officer.


She goes on to claim he became a cop himself in San Diego after also serving in the Marines.


‘My dad’s exodus, the great migration to the North from the Deep South where they left on the midnight train because a white officer harassed and threatened to, was about ready to, beat his dad with a billy club and he whipped around and actually slapped the officer to his knees,’ Dolezal said while being interviewed by Taylor Weech for a podcast of her father’s journey.’


‘They got out of town on the midnight train because as a black family in the deep south if you had any kind of a negative altercation with a white cop where you stood up for yourself it was gonna go badly for you.’ More

The experiences of ‘her dad’ do match to some degree the life of Albert Wilkerson, the man she has claimed is her father, but who isn’t actually her birth father. According to an interview with Wilkerson from 2008, he was from the South, did have an encounter with a police officer, was a Marine. The rest? Who knows.

Interestingly, Wilkerson says that in Idaho he was finally free of discrimination in a mostly white environment, unlike his ‘daughter’ who claims multiple hate crimes against her and her family starting in 2009. The article in 2008 notes that Aryan Nations were no longer in operation in the area after 2002, again contradicting her claims.

Wilkerson, when asked about this controversy over Dolezal, refused to confirm the relationship.

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