#RachelDolezal Discriminated Against Student, Claiming She ‘Didn’t Look Hispanic’ Enough For Assignment

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#RachelDolezal Discriminated Against Student, Claiming She ‘Didn’t Look Hispanic’ Enough For Assignment

If she’s going to go progressive, she has to go all the way. Obviously, student was ‘white hispanic’, so not acceptable.

Via Buzzfeed:

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Rachel Dolezal once did not let a student participate in a class activity about race and culture because she did not appear Hispanic enough, the student told BuzzFeed News on Friday.


Dolezal, president of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP, gained notoriety Thursday when her parents disclosed that she has been passing herself off as black for years. The revelation has prompted questions about the other aspects of Dolezal’s life, including claims that she has been the victim of hate crimes and received threatening letters.


The student — who, like many others interviewed for this article, asked to remain anonymous — told BuzzFeed News that she took two courses with Dolezal during her freshman year to fulfill academic requirements at Eastern Washington University.


The student said that the incident occurred within the first three weeks of an introductory course on race and culture. Dolezal introduced an activity she called “Fishbowl,” in which one student sat in front of the class as others were invited to ask them questions about their racial and cultural experiences. More

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