#RachelDolezal Led #BlackLivesMatter Protests ➠ But Said Only Blacks Should Lead Or Direct

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#RachelDolezal Led #BlackLivesMatter Protests, But Said Only Blacks Should Lead Or Direct

Funny since they are mostly organized by white leftists. White Allies to the back of the bus(unless they pretend to be black)…

Via Daily Mail:

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The white NAACP leader who misrepresented herself as black reportedly said as she organized groups during the Black Lives Matter movement that only black people should be directing and leading the protests.


In an interview with Anderson Cooper, activist and writer Marc Lamont Hill said he knew Rachel Dolezal, and heard her state that only black people should lead the movement that arose in the wake of repeated incidents of police brutality against black individuals starting late last year.


Hill then said what Dolezal is doing is the ‘ultimate exercise in white privilege.’ More


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