Racism ‘Endemic’ In Ferguson? Hardly, New Emails Show!

Racism 'Endemic' in Ferguson Hardly, New Emails Show

Racism ‘Endemic’ in Ferguson? Hardly, New Emails Show

When Attorney General Eric Holder said racism was “endemic” in the Ferguson Police Department, boy, was he exaggerating.

The Department of Justice on Friday released 14 pages of racist or offensive emails — the totality of what federal investigators collected during their multi-month investigation of the St. Loius suburb’s cop shop.

The emails are racist, but stupidly so. In fact, they were sent among three employees there, several under the header “Insensitive One-Liners.”

All three employees were fired.

As gatewaypundit.com reported, there are 74 employees at the department. Three sent offensive emails. That’s 4 percent of the police force (and wasn’t wasnt a cop, but a court clerk). Weirdly, the DoJ’s report came out a month ago, but not the emails, which, is the fashion of his old boss, Bill Clinton, Holder dumped late on a Friday.

Here are the downloaded DOJ Ferguson emails.

Racist & Offensive DOJ Ferguson Emails by Jim Hoft

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