Racist New Yorker Magazine Calls Ted Cruz ‘Uppity’

Racist New Yorker Magazine Calls Ted Cruz 'Uppity'

Racist New Yorker Magazine Calls Ted Cruz “Uppity”

Imagine if Ted Cruz were black? But he’s just a “White hispanic” in their language, and not on the reservation so it’s open season.


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The writer, John Cassidy, at the New Yorker also cast his speech this way:

Prowling the stage, he talked for almost half an hour without notes, casting himself as the leader of a “grassroots army” of liberty-loving Christians who would pull America back from the jaws of secular damnation.

I listened to the whole speech, and of course, Ted Cruz said no such thing. What he did seek to cast himself as the leader of was of “courageous conservatives”, clearly attempting to establish that as a watchword of his effort.

Perhaps to Mr. Cassidy, that means the same thing, leaving out that there are Conservatives of all different stripes-Christian, Jewish, atheist, agnostic, etc. Poor reporting at best, but more likely in line with progressive talking points to cast Cruz as a “religious zealot”.

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