Radical Muslim Group Tried To Intimidate An Innocent Woman ➠ Then A Federal Judge Smacked Them With This!



Radical Muslim Group Tried To Intimidate An Innocent Woman, Then A Federal Judge Smacked Them With This

Michigan resident Zaba Davis was subpoenaed by CAIR for her private emails and in addition was ordered to be deposed by the same organization. CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is a brotherhood of Muslims that receives funding from various Saudi groups based out of Egypt. They have branches in the United States, however. Davis, while one of the latest victims, is far from the only person to be sued by the group. In the past two years, CAIR has filed over 150 lawsuits that are all aimed at citizens of the United States. Many may think these lawsuits are aimed at muffling voices of the people.

CAIR claims that it is interested in Davis’ personal emails because they contain possible documentation pertaining to her objection to the building of an Islamic center in her neighborhood.

Davis’ interest in CAIR’s construction of the Islamic center was out of concern for a potential traffic problem in her residential neighborhood. CAIR’s decision to move forward with the lawsuit against Davis was because of her alleged discrimination against Muslims. This was its primary reason for requesting her private correspondence.

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A federal judge did not agree with CAIR’s lawsuit, citing it as “harassing and burdensome subpoenas.” He ordered CAIR to pay the American Freedom Law Center attorneys fees that were incurred for representing Davis.

This is the third time that CAIR has unsuccessfully tried to sue Davis for private information. With each new attempt to sue Davis and other individuals, CAIR is deemed as “employing egregious lawfare tactics to frighten private citizens so as to prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights,” according to David Yerushalmi, senior council for AFLC. More

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