Rainbow of Hate ➠ Priest Spit On During Gay Pride Parade ➠ What He Did Left People STUNNED

A well-known Catholic priest happened upon a gay pride parade in Manhattan on Sunday and was spit on by two of the participants. What he did after left people stunned.

You may recognize Father Jonathan Morris from the Fox News network, as he often appears as a religious contributor on various shows. While he speaks to his beliefs, he’s never been hateful or said anything which would be considered offensive to most normal people. But when he was walking in the area of Broadway and 22nd Street in Manhattan, Morris said he encountered two men that spit on him out of nowhere, TheBlaze reported.

Priest Spit On During Gay Pride Parade, What He Did Left People STUNNED

While most of us would have likely had words with the men, who I would presume were homosexual or at least supported the LGBT crowd, Morris had a much different response.

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“Oh well… I deserve worse,” he wrote of the incident on Twitter.

But he didn’t stop there. Staying true to himself and his beliefs, Morris explained the reason he thought the men decided to spit on him, and he made an interesting observation about the rest of the participants at the parade.

Morris’s response to the incident apparently struck a chord with his followers on Twitter. It’s been retweeted and favorited thousands of times, but not everyone was a fan either. Some LGBT supporters jumped on the thread to try to discredit Morris, accusing him of making up the story for attention. Although they offered absolutely zero evidence to back up their claims, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Regardless of whatever his critics say, I have no reason not to believe that Morris’s story is true, especially with how we’ve seen liberals act in the past. My fear is it’s only going to get worse too, and we’re going to see Christians and conservatives increasingly demonized and harassed for our beliefs.


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