ISISLt. Col. Ralph Peters

Ralph Peters ➠ ISIS Propaganda Is More Powerful Than ‘Any Super Bowl Commercial

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters told Fox News Channel’s Martha McCallum on America’s Newsroom that the Islamic State does not respect borders between nations, especially the border between Iraq and Syria because “it doesn’t exist for them.”

First of all, borders are a key issue here. We are obsessed with borders drawn by dead European statesmen. One of the many strengths of the Islamic State is they don’t see the borders. They’re not interested in our borders. The border between Iraq and Syria that hampers our operations – it doesn’t exist for them! And so they’ve got a profoundly different view of the world. There’s actually a much more flexible, healthier one in some respects, in strategic respects.
Colonel Peters went on to say that ISIS is gaining ground with its recruiting campaign.

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