Rampaging Teens Attack Cops In NYC Park ➠ Man Viciously Beats Woman ➠ Video

NYC Teens Attack Cops

Rampaging Teens Attack Cops In NYC Park – Man Viciously Beats Woman (VIDEO)

A group of angry rampaging teens attacked cops in New York City on Sunday. The video also appears to show a very large man viciously attacking a woman (beginning at :49 seconds).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZxuJ5Xzju8]

From YouTube:

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Unruly hispanic teens get dealt with by patrol cops (44th Precinct) in the Bronx, NY. Notice one of the males punches a female repeatedly right in front of the officers.


The 44th Precinct encompasses Community Board #4. Many formerly abandoned buildings have been and are being renovated. The precinct area consists of 1.97 square miles, two miles of waterfront and fifty-three acres of parkland. There are several business and shopping locations such as: Concourse Plaza Mall at 161 Street, 167 Street bet university and The Grand Concourse, Bronx Terminal Market and the home of Yankee Stadium. The Bronx House of Detention, Criminal Court and Supreme Court are also located in the precinct area.

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