Rangel: Black Voters Don’t Know Who Bernie Sanders Is

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WASHINGTON: New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel said Wednesday that black voters cannot identify Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Rangel made the comments in an interview with The Daily Caller about subway crime in New York City. He said that while fear of being attacked on the subway is “real” and an “awkward thing” he could not imagine anyone going to sleep tonight thinking about that problem.

“I can think of them thinking, ‘Am I going to have that job? Am I going to have that promotion? How my going to pay this damn rent? Are these Republican candidates serious? Do they really need to say these things in order to get elected? And who is Bernie Sanders? Does anybody in the community know him, so that we can find out who he is?’ These are things that we are talking about,” said Rangel, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

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When pressed about his statement about Sanders, Rangel responded that he is not the one who is asking these questions for Clinton’s primary opponent.

“Not me, but I don’t know any black person who knows Bernie Sanders,” he said.

Rangel gave a scenario of someone asking him about Sanders.

“If you ask me, ‘who is that? A nice member of Congress?’ He’s a nice member of the Senate.”

“‘Well, Rangel, we didn’t ask you that. We asked you your involvement do you know anybody?’”

“I said, ‘No. I don’t know anybody. I don’t know anybody who knows anybody,’ but it’s not [Sanders’] fault.” More

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