Rapper Tweets Pic Of Her Genitals To Conservatives During Twitter Fight!

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Rapper Tweets Pic Of Her Genitals To Conservatives During Twitter Fight…

This is beyond weird…

Via Truth Revolt:

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After getting into an online back and forth over her disparaging comments about America and white people, hip-hop star Azealia Banks took to Twitter to show conservatives “the future”: her genitals.

After Banks said “I hate everything about this country” in an interview with Playboy, Matt Walsh, a blogger for TheBlaze, and radio host Wayne Dupree criticized the singer/rapper online. Walsh wrote a blog post challenging the singer to follow through on her threats to leave the U.S., while Dupree and Banks battled it out on Twitter.

The conflicts resulted in Banks sending a tweet (since removed) to both with a shot of her genitals and the statement “If you guys look closely enough you can see the future.” Here’s TheBlaze’s cropped screenshot: More

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