Recent Shootings Lead To Increase In Local Gun Store Business

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Three very public shootings in less than two months. Shootings that have left people on edge. One local gun shop owner says he can see the difference at work.


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Three public shootings, fifteen victims, in just over a month. Because of those circumstances Stephen Bayazes, the owner of Palmetto Armory, has seen more customers in his shop. “They’re seeing the hatred and the meanness on the streets and they’re worried about becoming victims,” Bayazes said.


So he’s been much busier than usual. “We usually get three to ten people a week for the concealed carry class. This week we’ve had over one hundred people easily,” he said.


They’re not just coming in to get concealed weapons permits either. “Sold out of nine millimeter ammunition. I’m sold out of forty caliber. I’m sold out of 45 ACP ammunition. Those are all self defense ammunition,” the shop owner said.


“We’ve probably had two hundred people walk through the door this week to practice and shoot,” he said. Although business is good, Bayazes also has some concerns. “We had certain people come in this week with certain behaviors where Ii would not trust them with a gun anywhere,” he said. More


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