REFUGEES EXPOSED! Here’s The Cold Hard Truth The Media Refuses To Tell You! (Video)

Brigitte Gabriel exposes the truth about the refugees we are bringing here to America: “If Saudi Arabia is refusing to accept them because they are a national security threat, why are we accepting them?”


Brigitte Gabriel is an intelligent and important voice of reason when it comes to the subject of Muslim refugees who are migrating West. She is the Founder and President of Act for America. She is one of the leading national security experts in the world -providing information and analysis on the rise of Islamic terrorism. Ms. Gabriel lectures nationally and internationally about national security and current affairs. Her expertise is sought after by world and business leaders.

Gabriel is a Christian born who was born and raised in Lebanon. Her story is very compelling, and serves as a warning to Americans who are fighting to keep the flow of unvetted refugees coming into the United States: “I lost my country of birth to radical Islam — I do not want to lose my adopted country, America.” Gabriel declared.

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Muslims started coming to Lebanon so their children could study at the country’s universities. They also stayed to work in their economy. “We built refugee camps for them in Lebanon, we took them in because we wanted to take care of them, but these people turned against us, and they destroyed our country,” Gabriel recalled, bitterly. She said the tipping point was when Muslims became the majority population.

“Lebanon went from being ‘the Eden of the Middle East’ to being the terrorist pit of the Middle East,” she declared. The country is run by a terrorist organization, and has no rule of law. Currently, there is not even a president in Lebanon, as none has been elected. “They are drowning in their own garbage, the government is falling apart.”

“This is what happens when you import people into your country that do not share your values — that do not share your idea of freedom or democracy, your idea of tolerance,” Gabriel explained.

Gabriel did not deny the charitable impulse of helping people in need. “We can still do humanitarian work, but we need to make sure we are protected first,” she declared.

“We know ISIS infiltrated them, they were coming here under the disguise of refugees, but they are actually ISIS recruiters and ISIS sympathizers,” Gabriel told PJ Media in an interview at the Values Voter Summit on Saturday. She added that the refugees “are making up names — they can tell us anything, and there is nothing we can do to check it.”

“These people don’t have passports. We don’t even know if the name they give is their real name,” Gabriel explained. The refugees also are not just coming from embattled countries like Syria and Iraq, she argued. They also come from Tunisia, Libya, Eritrea, Djibouti and Afghanistan — migrants fleeing poor countries to go to rich countries.

Gabriel argued that the refugees must have a reason for going further west, as opposed to other countries in the Middle East. “These refugees can go to any country in the region, where they speak the Arabic language, where their children can assimilate and continue in their schooling with Arabic schools. Why are they coming to Europe?”

One reason, she alleged, is that “the word got out that if you want a freebie, this is the opportunity to come to Europe and live off the government.”

Perhaps more importantly, however, many Middle Eastern countries would turn the migrants away. “Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy country and a very big country — they have a lot of space,” Gabriel noted. She explained that Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait are refusing to accept these refugees because “they are a national security threat.” When Arabic countries suspect terror activity from the refugees, why should we overlook it?

“If Saudi Arabia is refusing to accept them because they are a national security threat, why are we accepting them?” Gabriel asked. “Are we that dumb?” More


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