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Report ➠ Did A Spam Filtering Service Have Access To All Hillary’s Emails?

Report: Did A Spam Filtering Service Have Access To All Hillary’s Emails?

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This said with a proviso that the person writing this is from a rival spam filtering service, as he acknowledges. But it makes sense.

Via Dvorak:

Not often do we break news on Dvorak News but today we do. Hillary Clinton used a spam filtering service MxLogic to filter her spam and viruses. What this means is – employees at MxLogic, now owned by McAfee – had full access to all her classified state department email in unencrypted form.


Here’s the MX records for clintonemail.com.


clintonemail.com. 7200 IN MX 10 clintonemail.com.inbound10.mxlogicmx.net.
clintonemail.com. 7200 IN MX 10 clintonemail.com.inbound10.mxlogic.net.


I’m Marc Perkel – I’m an email expert and I run a competing spam filtering service Junk Email Filter. (yes – I’m jealous) So I know how email system work. Email from the Internet is routed by DNS records called MX records what are used to look up where to deliver email destined for a recipient. When someone uses a Spam Filtering service they point their MX records to that service and all email for that domain goes to the spam filtering service first – they clean it – and forward the good email on to the recipient server which is secret to the world.


Internet —–> MxLogic ——> Hillary’s Server


What this means is that when Obama or anyone in the State Department emailed Hillary, the email went to MxLogic. It was then decrypted, checked for spam and viruses, and then reencrypted and sent over the open internet to Hillary’s server. While it was at MxLogic it could be read, tapped, archived, or forwarded to anyone in the world without anyone knowing. More

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