Report ➠ Tywanza Sanders Stepped Between His Aunt And #Charleston Shooter ➠ Took Bullet Meant For Her

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Report: Tywanza Sanders Stepped Between His Aunt And #Charleston Shooter, Took Bullet Meant For Her

No greater love.

Via Daily Mail:

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One of the victims of the horrific mass shooting at the Charleston church stood between the gunman and his elderly aunt to try and protect her before they were both killed, it has been reported.


‘Peacemaker’ Tywanza Sanders stood in front of Susie Jackson as Dylann Roof pointed a gun at the 87-year-old woman during his alleged shooting spree at Emanual AME Church on Wednesday.


Mr Sanders, 26, tried to talk to 21-year-old Roof and urged him to point the gun at him instead but was told: ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m going to shoot all of you.’


As he opened fire Mr Sanders heroically dived in front of Ms Jackson and took the bullet, The New York Times reported.

Both of them were killed during the attack at a bible study group, which claimed the lives of nine people. More

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