French Suicide Bomber Killed During Raid Was Blonde Woman Yelling Help Me! To Police Before She Detonated Bomb

French Suicide Bomber Killed During Raid Was Blonde Woman Yelling “Help Me!” To Police Before She Detonated Bomb…

Via Daily Mail:

The blonde female suicide bomber who blew herself up during a raid by French police screamed ‘Help me, help me!’ moments before detonating a device as snipers opened fire, eyewitnesses claimed today.


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More than 100 armed officers stormed a flat in Saint-Denis this morning believing Paris massacre mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, was inside with six other terrorists – but the French authorities will not say if he was there or if he is dead or alive.


Security sources said earlier today it prevented a new ISIS double terror attack on Paris.


Unconfirmed reports have named the female terrorist, believed to be Abaaoud’s jihadi bride or cousin, as Hasna Aitboulahcen.


She blew herself up and another jihadi was killed by a grenade during a six-hour siege where five people were taken alive and arrested. Two more suspects were held ‘nearby’.


State broadcaster France 2 has claimed the group was a ‘fourth unit’ on top of the three who killed 129 on Friday and were planning simultaneous attacks with AK-47s and bombs on Charles de Gaulle airport and the Quatre Temps shopping centre in the city’s business district, Le Défense.


The Saint-Denis siege started at 4.25am when SWAT teams and special forces surrounded the building after security services hunting for Abaaoud spent days watching flats and tapping phones.


Kalashnikovs were being used against the security forces, but after an an hour and a half of furious exchanges, there was a lull in the fighting.


It was then that a woman ‘with long blonde hair’ appeared at a third floor apartment window.


An eyewitness identified only as Christian, 20, told Le Parisien: ‘During a ten or fifteen minute lull in the shooting I heard a woman shouting: “Help, help, help me!”

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