Reporter Asks Christian Iraqi Girl What She Would Do To ISIS, Her Response Floors Him

The Islamic State savages are marching on and slaughtering innocents. There’s no telling what will stop them. We can’t really do much because ya know, strategic patience.

This is Myriam. She’s an Iraqi Christian who was forced out of her home after ISIS militants seized her village. She currently lives in an unfinished mall in Kurdish-protected Northern Iraq with other Christian refugees.

A correspondent interviewed her for the Arabic Christian television network’s program, “Kids.” The reporter asked her what she missed most about being back at home as well as her feelings toward ISIS. Her responses floored him. (And me.)

“We used to have a house and were entertained, where as here we are not,” Myriam said. “But thank God. God provides for us.”

“God loves us and wouldn’t let ISIS kill us,” she added.

When it came to ISIS, she said, “I won’t do anything to them. I will only ask God to forgive them.”

These kids are so solid and strong. It really put things back in perspective.

Displaced Iraqi Christian Girl Who Fled Home to Escape Death at the Hands of ISIS Asks God to ‘Forgive’ Islamic Terrorists

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