Reports Of Shots Fired At Mall In New Jersey

The report was of shots fired but police discovered it was a large fight that had started. Someone screamed gun and chaos followed.


Chaos and panic erupted in a mall in New Jersey Monday after a large fight broke out.

It happened at the The Mills at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth.

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Elizabeth City officials said there was no shooting in the mall, although that was the initial report that came in. The incident was a fight only, and during the fight, a chair was thrown. This created a loud noise and someone shouted gun, which led to the chaos.

A couple of people were injured as they tried to evacuate the mall. Videos posted on social media show a stampede-like scenario play out.

This video shows some people running inside one of the stores:


And this video shows heavy police presence in the mall:


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There is gridlock in and around the mall between people evacuating and law enforcement responding. More

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