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Poll ➠ Republican Party Approval Ratings Lowest In Decades




Conservatives not blindly following the party line.

Via USA Today

The already raucous Republican presidential campaign may be hurting the party’s brand.


Only 32% of respondents said they had a favorable opinion on the Republican Party in a new Pew Research Center poll published Thursday — the lowest number Pew has reported at any point since 1992, though there have been a couple of 33% ratings during that time. The party is viewed unfavorably by 60% of respondents, again the party’s worst score.


The results mark a steep drop for the party since the start of the year. In January, Pew found that 41% of poll respondents had a favorable view of the GOP, while 53% were unfavorable.


Oddly, the biggest drop in GOP favorability is among Republicans. More

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