Revealed ➠ The Secret Pictures Hitler Wanted To Hide From The World Forever

IN THE rubble of a house in bomb-blasted Germany a British soldier stooped to pick up a tattered, coverless book.It had been damaged by water but, sensing it would make a good souvenir to show the folks back home, he tucked it into his canvas satchel.

The year was 1945. Adolf Hitler had committed suicide in his Berlin bunker and the evil maniac’s dreams of a 1,000-year Reich were as crushed as his cities which Allied soldiers now patrolled.

One of these, Alf Robinson, a private in the Pioneer Corps, found the book and added it to his Nazi relics which included a bayonet and a Luger pistol. The book was the least impressive of them and, written in German, it remained unread by his family in Barnsley, Yorkshire.

Now, 70 years later, it is about to be republished and, translated into English, provides a unique insight into Nazi propaganda.

Adolf Hitler humilating picture

Adolf Hitler despised this ‘undignified’ picture of him in short trousers

Hitler shorts embarrassing

Hitler despised images of him in shorts which showed his bare legs

Aimed at younger readers, the official Nazi party publication is more like a fan magazine – yet this “fanzine” now makes Hitler seem more like a twit than a tyrant.

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Deutschland Erwache (Germany Awaken) was written in the 1930s by Baldur von Schirach, one of Hitler’s early henchmen.

He wrote: “We who have had the privilege of being able to work with him have come to worship and love him.”

Describing the dictator as “honest, steadfast and modest” and displaying “strength and kindness”, von Schirach said Hitler’s “grandeur and deepest humanity takes the breath away from those who meet him for the first time”.

Among the most comical images in the book are those of Hitler posing in short trousers.

Perhaps stumped for words, von Schirach wrote simply: “In der kurz’n” (in shorts).

Hitler later decided that such photographs were deeply undignified and humiliating, banning further publication. More

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