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Romney ➠ Clinton Uranium Deal ‘Looks Like Bribery’

Romney ➠ Clinton Uranium Deal 'Looks Like Bribery'


Romney: Clinton Uranium Deal ‘Looks like Bribery’

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio show yesterday where he was asked about allegations surrounding the Clinton family’s charitable organization.

“You know, I’ve got to tell you, I was stunned by it. I mean, it looks like bribery,” Romney said.

Romney was referring to a story published yesterday in the New York Times that gave details of the connection between a wealthy donor throwing millions at the Clinton Foundation and a Uranium deal.

“The donor, Frank Giustra, gave more than $30 million to the Clinton Foundation following a 2005 trip he took to Kazakhstan with Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton. The visit included a sit-down with the autocratic Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.


Days after the meeting with Nazarbayev, one of Giustra’s companies inked a deal to buy into uranium deposits owned by Kazakhstan’s state-owned nuclear company Kazatomprom. The company later became known as Uranium One and acquired several US uranium mines.

While Clinton was Secretary of State, the agency approved of a deal where Russia’s nuclear corporation purchased a stake in Uranium One.

“I mean, there is every appearance that Hillary Clinton was bribed to grease the sale of, what, 20% of America’s uranium production to Russia, and then it was covered up by lying about a meeting at her home with the principals, and by erasing emails.


And you know, I presume we might know for sure whether there was or was not bribery if she hadn’t wiped out thousands of emails,” Romney said, adding, “But this is a very, very serious series of facts, and it looks like bribery.”

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