Row, Row Your Boat Into ISIS Land…

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Just a little more propaganda…

A new video from ISIS plays down jihad and emphasizes the idyllic lifestyle in the Islamic State, via a leisurely father and daughter boat ride.

There’s no doubt the idea of the Islamic State is very attractive for many Muslim’s around the world. Behold – a caliphate was established in which every Muslim can plant roots and where sharia is the order of the day.

Because of this many Muslims relocate to ISIS territory and others donate money to the Islamic state.

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Nevertheless, of late it seems not everything is rosy in the Islamic state and people, particularly in the West, are not so thrilled at the prospect of giving up a life of luxury to move to Islami- State land, especially when it is in the context of jihad.

Apparently, many Muslims understandably conceive the idea of jihad as something equating to certain death. More

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