Rubio Says No On Tax Bill Without Expanded Child Tax Credit

Doesn’t “little Marco” know that low-income families already get earned income credit & most actually get back MORE than they pay in?

For 2017, the maximum Earned Income Tax Credit per taxpayer is:

  • $510 with no Qualifying Children
  • $3,400 with one Qualifying Child
  • $5,616 with two Qualifying Children
  • $6,318 with three or more Qualifying Children

Sen. Marco Rubio is withholding support for the Republican tax bill unless it is changed to extend the enlarged child tax credit to low-income families.

A “no” vote from Rubio could endanger the bill, which passed the Senate with only 51 votes, including his. Republicans have only a two-vote majority in the Senate.

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The Florida Republican has called for making the $2,000 child tax credit included in the bill refundable against payroll taxes, a change that would benefit many low-income families who don’t have income tax liability.

“If it stays at $1,100, I’m a ‘no,’” Rubio told reporters, referring to the portion of the credit that would be refundable under the Senate-passed version of the bill. “But let’s hope it doesn’t.” Read more at Washington Examiner.

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