Rule of Law In America Is In Tatters!


We are no longer a nation under the “Rule of Law.” The “rule of man” now prevails, as we are more and more governed by individuals — elected and appointed — in the executive branch of government. Too often, these individuals arbitrarily exercise powers belonging to Congress under the Constitution.

It has become the norm in the current administration’s playbook to follow a “selective enforcement” policy. President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama’s regulators have abused the rule of law, preferring to enforce only those laws they choose to. Enforcement of these laws seem mostly to apply to people who do not share Obama’s political positions. In particular, the Department of Justice selectively enforces laws by failing to prosecute those who break laws that Obama disagrees with.

The rule of law has been one of the major contributing factors to America’s greatness, and to its worldwide economic leadership in modern times. In fact, the American Declaration of Independence is essentially a document complaining about the decrees of one man against the American colonies: England’s King George III.

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The rule of law in the U.S. is based on the fundamental doctrine that the individual is sovereign.

Individuals band together and, using due process, make a body of laws agreed to by all. The individual is the master over government, and laws are not issued by some king, dictator or tyrant. The “king” is not the law; the rule of law is king.

The U.S. rule of law is based on principles that safeguard against arbitrary governance, clearly described in our founding documents. Selective enforcement is an absolute violation of the rule of law because it allows persons to decide which laws will be ignored and which will not.

Without question, under Obama, the rule of law is crumbling because executive orders, decrees and regulations issued by his administration are capricious and based both on political currents of the times and the whim of tyrannical individuals with their own agendas. These people choose to both grant and revoke legal rights, placing the targets of their despotism under an arbitrary system of administrative rules written by these same individuals.

Want examples?

  • The Obama administration violated its duty to enforce current immigration laws that require undocumented foreign nationals to be prosecuted;
  • Last year, Obama released 165,900 prisoners arrested for illegal entry and subsequent crimes committed in America;
  • Obama’s attorney general failed to enforce the federal law that prohibits people from knowingly concealing or harboring undocumented aliens;
  • “Sanctuary cities” are permitted to violate U.S. laws by offering  immunity from prosecution to illegal aliens, without being punished;
  • The Supreme Court disallows racial quotas, yet Department of Justice zealots call it prejudice and bigotry when lenders in the housing market apply proper business standards to determine if borrowers are creditworthy; More
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