Rush Limbaugh Schools The Media On Donald Trump (Video)

Rush Limbaugh joins Chris Wallace for an interview discussing his take on the “left-wing” courts and the media doing their best to sabotage Trump’s Presidency.

The media has become the proverbial “Boy Who Cried Wolf.” They have manipulated so much that the majority of Americans no longer put any stock in anything they have to spew.


Rush Limbaugh went off on the liberal media and elites in Washington who are determined to destroy President Trump.

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Rush Limbaugh: Two things. It’s preposterous to believe the Russians had anything to do with the outcome of voting in this country. It’s absurd. There is no evidence. Zilch. Zero. Nada… The second thing that I think is important for people to remember people who support Donald Trump, people who believe Donald Trump, really really believe that they were going to lose the country if Hillary Clinton won… They really believe that the country that was founded was up for grabs. It was over if Hillary won…

…Donald Trump has nobody helping him other than the people who voted for him. Obama had the media. Obama had the judiciary. Obama had all kinds of support. At an Obama press conference, a typical question, “What enchants you?” Obama was never really challenged by the media.

Trump has none of that. He has got to focus on his supporters… The media did not make Donald Trump and they can’t control him.”

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