Russian Spy Ship Spotted Off Coast Of Delaware

Armed with surface-to-air missiles…

The Russians have been testing our air and water space for a long time now. But in the past 2 years that they have really stepped up their activities. This is nothing new. They have as much right to be in international water as we do. Yes, but when they get so close it is designed to make us uneasy and nervous.

Fox News:

A Russian spy ship was spotted patrolling off the East Coast of the United States on Tuesday morning, the first such patrol since President Trump took office, two U.S. officials told Fox News.

The Russian spy ship was 70 miles off the coast of Delaware, heading north at 10 knots, according to one official. That location means the ship is in international waters. The U.S. territory line is 12 nautical miles.

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It was not immediately clear where the Russian spy ship was headed.

The ship, the SSV-175 Viktor Leonov, last sailed near the U.S. in April 2015, an official said. The ship is capable of intercepting communications or signals, known as SIGINT, as well as measuring U.S. Navy sonar capability, a separate official said. More

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