ON FIRE! Watch Sanders School April Ryan: “Your Mind Is In The Gutter”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is an intelligent, courageous, fighter who doesn’t ever back down.

Liberals minds are always in the gutter. It’s hard to argue with the truth. Thank you Sarah for dealing with all these unhinged people every day.

We’ve all thought it for a while, that April Ryan’s questions and mind live in an alternate universe: a dystopia where every single comment that comes out of someone’s mouth is either racist or sexual in nature. Sounds like a miserable place, doesn’t it? Sounds like a real gutter. Well, Press Secretary Sanders agrees and called it out:

The tweet in question that Ryan is referencing is from earlier this morning, where President Trump made fun of Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (another woman whose mind is in the gutter and who caters to rich donors rather than the Americans she is supposed to represent):

The tweet came after Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has multiple times called on the President to resign over the provably false “sexual misconduct” allegations against him. Read more at TGP.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was hot today when she went off on CNN’s Jim Acosta over the fake news that’s been constant the past few days. Jim Acosta also would not be quiet so Sanders had to get loud and forceful: “I’m not finished.” Sanders was making a point about reporters making a mistake vs when they report fake news on purpose…There is a big difference. Go Sarah! 100%FedUp.

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