Sandy Hook Families Distance Themselves From Tim McGraw’s Gun Control Fundraiser



Sandy Hook Families Distance Themselves From Tim McGraw’s Gun Control Fundraiser…


Via Breitbart:

On April 22 families of 11 Sandy Hook Elementary victims made clear that they are not affiliated with Sandy Hook Promise, the gun control group for whom Tim McGraw is raising money.


There have been attempts to explain away Sandy Hook Promise’s support of gun control since Breitbart News’ April 14 report on McGraw’s upcoming gun control fundraiser. Since that time, former Obama adviser David Axelrod has come out in support of McGraw’s “gutsy” stand for the gun control fundraiser, and McGraw explained that he is sticking to his commitment to support Sandy Hook Promise because he is leading with his heart.


Now, NBC Connecticut reports that families of 11 Sandy Hook victims want “to clarify the issue for donors who might believe they are directly supporting the victims’ families.” These families worry that Sandy Hook Promise “is at times wrongly assumed to speak for all 26 victims’ families.”


The families made sure to point out that their decision to issue the statement “isn’t related to a position on the gun debate or other issues surrounding the tragedy,” rather they simply wanted to clarify that they are not affiliated with the group behind the McGraw concert. More

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