Sarah Palin & Bill Nye Featured In Anti-Climate Change Film

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Riveting panel with Gov. Sarah Palin…

In an unusual pairing, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and popular climate change advocate Bill Nye will be featured voices reacting to the premiere screening of an anti-climate change documentary on Capitol Hill.

Palin will participate in a panel discussion following the screening of the documentary “Climate Hustle” on Thursday. A video featuring an interview between Bill Nye “the science guy” and Marc Morano, one of the film’s producers, will be shown during the panel, as well.

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The documentary created by the conservative think tank Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, will also be screened nationwide in a one-night engagement in select cinemas on May 2 presented by Fathom Events and SpectiCast. The point of “Climate Hustle” seeks to “debunk[s]the myth and hype about man-made global warming,” according to a CFACT press release.  More

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